It is difficult to stay at home for long time.Most of people spend this time as in jail lock up.In other words they waste this time.Discussing every time corona is their routine.As a result continuous pressure lead to depression and quarreling among family members .We must make a much stronger routine to spend this time in a useful way.Let me suggest.

Suggested routine :

Get up early by all family members as before corona epidemic.

All should take bed tea and take an exercise.Even going outside for exercise is not hazardous if one is not doing it in group. Don’t take a walk behind a person.If some is doing alone there is no need of face mask but  keep a face mask at all time. This can be put on if exposed to friends . Where out door exercise is prohibited or not possible do body exercises in your lawn corridor or even inside room .Take break fast and change sleeping /sport  dress.

All go to your respective places.

1.Kids and young one  to school disk–books                                                     

2.Adults to Computers for online office work/ business                                                  3.Business community to work place with SOP’s (mask nasal gargles with salty water,hand sanitizations or repeated wash)

4.In lock down to start making something according to your skills at home.

 5.during extreme lock down adopt professions not prohibited.Food delivery items.Near by locations are usually not prohibited ,therefore one can do local business and earn from services of his skill and specialty.

             Take health education through online TV etc.All should learn how to take all measures to avoid covid .

These are.

             Throat Gargles/ nasal wash with salty water ,when in and out of home  with hand wash.Keep all luggage’s,keys ,currency inside main door in sun for some time.Keep distance of 7 feet in conversation from every one including family members

             After learning these precautions by all family members including children  never do discussion on corona. Rather behave and talk as if corona is not present .Select topic of discussion as you were discussing in routine work.

Make a week end rest Day or two as you do usually. Don’t do your routine  work as on holiday you do.You can take light exercise,sports or picnic.

Arrange meeting at home on Progress/Financial strategy. New business needed ?In these hard days restrict your expenses.If you don’t earn any thing ,don’t take seriously,no body can blame you.Save yourself in 2020,You will earn in 2021. Avoid depressive conversation like what will happen to covid and economy.

                               Avoid Quarreling /Discussions .Most of time discussions produces unhealthy results. This should be targeted as to minimum.Discussions with encouraging remarks should be done. Entertaining discussion , jokes ,amusement  ,books reading, music ,indoor games like badminton, table tennis and carom can be considered.