CORONA Should school and colleges be opened now in Corona with SOP s’?


How we should decide?

At this movement corona incidence has shown a down trend in some of countries like Pakistan, Europe and middle East .Countries like America Brazil and India are still struggling hard to gain control. Corona give us many lessons to whole world. One of such is to redefine Globalization. Globalization now tell us that a bad thing in any part of world will effect another part of world in same bad way.

For institutions opening after corona pandemic at this stage we take three  factors as guide.

1. Is this a good weather for schools?

2. Will it affect academic session

3. Is this safe at current time taking Corona in consideration?

4 Are SOP of corona possible in schools

Appling this to Pakistan now one by one. Other country similarly can apply these to their conditions.

 1. It is very bad weather in most of areas like Lahore Karachi and Peshawar .Humidity is at top. At this time most of institutions used to take Summer Holidays due to intolerable weather and very poor facilities even in private schools..Air-conditioners are not available in most of schools .Some school have even problem of Fans and electricity

2.This session 19—20 has completed to more than 80 % in all institutions.Even exam has been decided.Our education system of all classes from class 1  10 is repeations of same course( all same subject with gradual increasing standards).Skip of even one. Merely we will lose three months at maximum if we consider school opening after October.

3.This time is very critical .Corona has reached at peak and is showing down trend. Still we have 500 per day new cases and 30 deaths per day. Immunity of most, who are in misconception of long lasting immunity,is fading.A second wave of infection will collapse country .

4.SOP s are not possible in our setup.We have so overcrowding in schools that distancing is impossible. There is overcrowded space even for staff members. One thing, that is neglected in corona and that is the major cause of this pandemic, is breathing of several persons in a room.In such a situation your mask cannot protect you.Only negative suction room are of help.So it is impossible to be protected if you enters a room any where with a Corona patient breathing .

Doctors Team should decide and give you opinion.It is highly expected that in coming 2 month situation will improve drastically to consider opening of all institutions with SOPs’. This must be taken seriously by administration and public for their benefit.It is not a problem of giving pay .We all together are tired of restrictions Every one of us like life full of activities.In fact stay at home is the most difficult task.To let the disease to spread is not wise.At the movement a lot of people are immune.If remaining non exposed avoid addition of  new cases,only then corona free country can be expected.Not doing this will lead to vanishing of immunity of these treated patients and a second wave of infection can emerge with more destructive strains of virus.


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