CORONA Current Management

At the movement different countries of world have varied position of corona.Countries like US Brazil , India and Russia are struggling hard against widely spread-ed disease .After repeated precautions people are very harsh to hear any further precautionary measures.At this movement those who are fully alert and are trying all measures are safe and should continue .they should educate near by relatives.For other peoples something easy if offered probably will be accepted.One technical thing that is the neglected one is the incubation period and early site of involvement of the pathogen, in most of cases.It takes most of time 3 day to start infection after initial stay at throat.If during this time throat and nasal washes with salt added ( small amount) water are taken at in and out of home.Such precaution at going out of home should be specifically noted.

In countries like Pakistan and Middle East where infection is decreasing at fast rate you need to protect yourself from slap of out going enemy.Again precaution tired public have discarded all precautionary methods.At this stage nasal and throat wash is an easy measures .Not only they will quickly clear their country before the time when the immunity of recovering patient goes down and a second wave may start to put again public in tiring lock down.Anti corona habits are usual health measures against other pathogens, allergen and chemicals that one must practice on in and out of home even without Corona.Now with passage of time people have become careless and will meet you frankly therefore use of sanitizer and hand washing should be practiced.People must know that convenience in precautions.Sanitizer applied once can work for whole day if hands are not used excessively.If materials,liquid and powder are handled then sanitizer should be reapplied.If sanitizer are applied then hand wash is not needed, rather should be avoided.If you are exposed to people sanitizer applied hand should be used for contacts.If no sanitizer is applied then try to adopt golden habit of not touching mouth,nose and face.Try to reach washing spot and wash hands ,face,nose and do gargles with water

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