CHILD CARE–Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


       A child is very enjoyable when in lap .They are simple innocent .They smile and make heart touching faces. Some of pictures of this age usually win prizes as heart touching pictures .As they grow, their innocent looks and love for material things such as toys start sharing parents love and child care becomes a difficult task. Child development is the result of his reaction to society, nearby relatives behaviors, his own cognitive developmental capabilities and genetics .A child takes a strong influence from his surroundings .

10 Reasons Your Child Can't Focus In School | Oxford Learning
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He will practice all these things practiced before him. Careful watch from parents and teacher on a child to look for progress is well known to all .Progress of a student if read in light of psychological condition will give a clue for its cause and treatment. Attention deficit hyperactivity is a developmental disorder in which lack of concentration result in form of hyperactivity. Hyper activity may not be very clearly seen and may manifest in other ill effects in form of decreased ability to perform multistage lengthy tasks, difficulty in completing tasks poor school performance. If realized by parents they can deal the condition in a better way .Beating shouting and abusing is no solution to this problem. It really contributes to worsening of the condition.Many of child hood problems can end up with much adverse track course if not properly handled by parents’ .However only understanding of the situation can be curative. Just a good training policy shared by parents,teachers and household members is the treatment that requires.With continuous empathetic behavior child will improve. Parents should not be discouraged by slow progress because usually with passage of time brain development will add positively to treatment. Child consultation with pediatrician and psychologist will prove useful if services are available.

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